Volunteer Services 

Dedicated volunteers are an integral part of our team at Twin Cities Community Hospital and help to support the Hospital’s commitment to personalized care and community service. As a volunteer you may perform a variety of activities and services. In return for your commitment of four hours a week, you receive training, support, complimentary meals, and the satisfaction of knowing you make a difference here. Click here to learn more or call 805-434-4524.

Volunteers choose the opportunities that interest them most:  day, evening and weekend shifts are available.

  • Information Desk
  • Gift Shop*
  • Obstetrics
  • Nursing Unit
  • Outpatient Surgery
  • Emergency Department
  • Physical Therapy
  • Special Projects

* About the Twin Cities’ Gift Shop: Twin Cities Community Hospital Volunteers is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the hospital through volunteerism. The hospital’s Gift Shop is run by the organization’s executive Board of Directors and 100% of the profit goes to the Senior Volunteer Scholarship Program as well as the endowment fund at Cuesta College in Paso Robles and San Luis Obispo.

Want to become a Twin Cities Community Hospital Volunteer? Click here to download the Volunteer Application.

Student Volunteer Program
This program requires students to maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 and volunteer a minimum of 120 hours to the hospital. Each year, Twin Cities Community Hospital Volunteers award approximately $9,000 in scholarship moneys to student volunteers entering college. Funds for the Senior Student Volunteer Scholarship Program come from profits from the volunteer-run hospital gift shop. The gift shop profits also benefit the endowment fund at Cuesta College in Paso Robles and San Luis Obispo.

Twin Cities Hospital Volunteers are Seeking Additional Volunteers
Posted: June 24, 2014Twin Cities Community Hospital Volunteers are seeking volunteers to work in the gift shop and Obstetrics (OB) Department. AM and PM shifts are available. Applicants must be able to volunteer a minimum of four hours per week. Volunteers must fill out an application and request an available shift. For more information about how to become a volunteer, contact Sandy Short, Membership Chairman of the Twin Cities Community Hospital Volunteers by calling (805) 434-4524 or emailing sandy.short@tenethealth.com.

Hospital Chaplains
Twin Cities Community Hospital offers 24-hour on-call Voluntary Chaplains to provide support, solace for patients and families. Twin Cities Chaplains receive extensive training including role-playing scenarios to ensure volunteers understand the proper way to act and manage the often difficult and emotional situations involved in being a Chaplain, such as facilitating tough decisions about life support.

·         Fred Stimson, Lead Chaplain

·         Phil Maysonave, Lay

·         Shari Gahm, Lay

·         Susan Needleman, Lay (Spanish Speaking)

·         Pam Baima, Lay

·         Barbara Davis, Lay

·         Marlyn Hope, Lay

·         Jim Daniels, Lay

·         Amanda Stimson, Lay

·         Ken Brown,  Lay

·         Anthony Farao, Lay

·         Jackie Sebro,  On Call Clergy

·         Nancy Buck, Lay

·         Charles Schliebe, Lay

·         Pastor Steve Mabry, Clergy

·         Pastor Robert ( Robb) Fuesler, On Call Clergy

·         Rabbi Janice Mehring, Clergy & Jewish Chaplain

·        Frank Walton, Clergy

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