Maternal Child Classes 

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There’s so much to learn during pregnancy.

Twin Cities Community Hospital can help. Educating expectant families is central to our mission. Classes are free to mothers who will deliver at our hospital.

Breastfeeding Class

Our certified Lactation Specialist leads the class, which includes preparation for breastfeeding, breastfeeding health benefits, demonstration of correct positioning and common breastfeeding problems and solutions. Classes include a video demonstration, lectures and discussions.

Infant Care

This instructive class covers a variety of topics for first-time parents. Through lively demonstrations and video, expectant parents learn about newborn appearance, behaviors, actions and basic care (bathing, cord care, circumcision, feeding, illness, diapering). During the class, certified American Heart Association BLS instructors provide the CPR Anytime Friends and Family Program for Infants.

Prepared Childbirth

Expectant mothers can become more knowledgeable about the birthing process through instruction. The class is designed to help you and your coach enjoy greater participation during your baby’s birth.  A certified Childbirth Educator provides information and techniques. Participants should begin the class nine to 10 weeks before their delivery.