Birth Center Classes & Support Groups 

There’s so much to learn during pregnancy. The Twin Cities Birth & Baby Center can help.

Registration is required for all classes, but not support groups. All classes and support groups are free to attend. 

Register Online For Classes or call (805) 434-4965.

Prepared & Natural Childbirth Preparation
This free six-class series includes a video, lecture and hands-on practice techniques. Discussion topics include: the signs and stages of labor, breathing and relaxation techniques, possible complications, labor induction, c-section delivery, medications and anesthesia, and postpartum care. Participants will be able to tour the Labor & Delivery and Couplet Care areas. Mothers should bring a coach/partner to assist with practice techniques.
Breastfeeding Basics
This class provides new parents with the information they need to prepare for a successful breastfeeding experience with their infant. The class includes a video, lecture and Q&A time. A demonstration of correct positioning and discussion on common problems and solutions is also included. This class is facilitated by a lactation consultant.
Infant Care
This class includes a video, lecture and practical demonstrations. Topics such as bathing, cord care, circumcision and diapering are covered. Parents will also be given information about the care their infant will receive while in the hospital.
Solid Foods & Beyond
This class is about the practical aspects of eating solid foods and is for families with babies approaching six months of age or older and toddlers. All family members are welcome to attend (including children), but no childcare is provided.
Car Seat Safety
This class is taught by a certified child passenger safety technician and provides an car seat safety overview. Other topics include: American Pediatrics Association (APA) recommendations, California car seat laws and regulations, correcting incorrect use of car seats, installation, choosing the right car seat for the size and age of your child, LATCH and Tethers for your car, common mistakes in car seat usage and Kaitlyn's Law.
Newborn and Parent Support Group (NAPS)
This group provides a casual environment of support for parents and babies. This is a great opportunity to do weight checks, ask questions and share stories with other new moms and dads. This group meets weekly and no registration is required.
Postpartum Support Group
This is a monthly support group for women making the emotional transition to motherhood. The group focuses on teaching positive coping skills and strategies for successfully overcoming the emotional challenges of becoming a mother. Risk factors and symptoms associated with the Baby Blues and Postpartum Depression are also discussed. The group is facilitated by a licensed clinical social worker.
Grandparent Education
This class is designed to offer a fun and educational opportunity for new grandparents. Updates on the current recommendations and practices in maternity care, infant care and infant feeding will also be covered. This class is facilitated by a nurse and fellow grandmother.