Obstetrical Care Team 

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At Twin Cities Community Hospital, we’ve assembled a team of specialized, nurturing health care professionals.  Many professionals care for delivering mothers and newborns

 Obstetricians  Skilled MD specialists care for pregnant women and deliver babies.

Pediatricians Highly trained medical specialists provide newborn care.

Nurse Specialists  Nurses with advanced training play important roles such as caring for laboring mothers and newborns, helping mothers breastfeed and educating new parents

Nurses  Registered Nurses provide care in Labor and Delivery, postpartum care and the Newborn Nursery. Many nurses at Twin Cities have long records of experience at our hospital. Our nurses are skilled and compassionate, and create an atmosphere of warmth and security throughout your stay.

Support Personnel  Nurses aides and other support personnel also provide important care and service to your family.  Each works efficiently to help care for you and your baby.