Birth & Baby Center

ThinkstockPhotos-457096019 (1024x738)Welcome to the Twin Cities Birth & Baby Center, where we take a continuous care approach to labor and delivery. Our philosophy is simple: birth is a natural process. Our team of physicians, nurses, lactation consultants and patient support staff work collaboratively to provide care that honors each family's preferences. We are proud to be recognized as a Baby-Friendly birth facility and to have the lowest Cesarean-section rate on the Central Coast. 

Our Birth & Baby Center puts family first and we offer a wide range of thoughtful amenities to help make your special delivery exactly as you envisioned, including: private rooms, a deluxe hydrotherapy labor tub and an outdoor terrace Zen garden.

More than 600 babies are born at Twin Cities each year, and we feel privileged to be a part of every one of those birthdays. We hope you'll come and be a part of our family.

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To learn more about our childbirth and baby care classes or to register for a tour of the Twin Cities Birth & Baby Center, click here or call (805) 434-4965.

Get support for breastfeeding from an experienced lactation consultant.
Supporting families who desire a more naturalist approach to childbirth. 
Learn how to prepare for having your baby.
Our entire team works together to provide you with individualized care during your stay at Twin Cities Birth & Baby Center.
Register online for upcoming childbirth and parenting classes and support groups.
Pre-register at least 12-16 weeks prior to their due date. 
Unirse a nosotros para la siesta!
Share pictures of your beautiful newborn through Twin Cities Community Hospital’s Virtual Nursery.
Find the right doctor for you and your baby.
Read stories about childbirth from real moms cared for at Twin Cities Community Hospital.