Individualized Care

ThinkstockPhotos-512099526 (1024x682)From our community-based physicians and experienced nursing team, to our internationally board-certified lactation consultants, technicians and nutritionists, our entire team works together to provide you with individualized care during your stay at Twin Cities Birth & Baby Center. Our caring and attentive staff will listen to your concerns and answer your questions as you move though the labor process. You and your family are our main priority. We will do our best to take your care preferences into consideration and follow your birth plan.

We value natural childbirth whenever possible and will provide you with the resources and support to accomplish your goals. For those who may request or require medical intervention, we do have epidurals available day or night, modern fetal surveillance equipment and a C-section/recovery suite located within the labor & delivery unit. Parents may choose see-though drapes during a gentle C-section and skin-to-skin contact immediately following birth. All nurses are certified in neonatal resuscitation and we are affiliated with the Sierra Vista Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in San Luis Obispo for the quick and easy transport of babies who may require a higher level of medical care following birth. 

Who Are We?

  • We laugh & cry
  • We like to wear colorful socks & earrings
  • Our scrubs express our individuality
  • We take pride in our work and seek opportunities in growth & learning
  • We enjoy working & playing together
  • We take chocolate seriously
  • Caring & humor are major priorities
  • We love your babies
  • We are cohesive and dynamic; we are a team
  • We are the best kept secret in the North County
  • We tell great jokes
  • Our work is an adventure
  • We put your birth plan first
  • We are growing with you and are here for our community
  • We are your friends & neighbors
  • We are compassionate caregivers
  • We are good listeners
  • We feel privileged being part of a memory that lives on forever

“Come be a part of our family.”

-Developed by and for the Twin Cities Birth & Baby Center Team