Naturalistic Approach

ThinkstockPhotos-513753066 (1024x682)Twin Cities Birth & Baby Center is proud to support those families who desire and their health warrants a more naturalist approach to childbirth. Each member of our team works hard to create an environment that is warm and nurturing and honors your individualized birth plan.

Low Intervention Rates

Our goal at Twin Cities is to intervene only when medically indicated for your safety and the safety of your baby. Currently, our Birth & Baby Center has the lowest Cesarean-section rate of any hospital on the Central Coast and one of the lowest rates in the state. We were also the only hospital in California to perform zero episiotomies in 2015.

Comfort Measures

Whether you desire an all-natural labor or prefer medical intervention, we want you to feel as comfortable and supported as possible. We offer many non-medical comfort measures to help ease your laboring, including: a deluxe hydrotherapy labor tub, aromatherapy, birth and peanut balls, tele-monitors and an outdoor Zen garden. Our team is trained to assist with coaching in low-intervention births and is happy to work with your doula to achieve your care preferences.   

Family Bonding

As a Baby-Friendly® birth facility, Twin Cities facilitates intimate family bonding immediately after the birth of your baby. Rooming In, meaning that you and your baby remain together in the same room throughout your stay in the hospital, is encouraged. Our team will also foster skin-to-skin contact with you and your baby. Both of these practices encourage bonding and improve a baby’s ability to breastfeed.