Palliative Care 

Twin Cities Community Hospital Palliative Care Program

Palliative care focuses on comfort, dignity, and choice for those with serious illness. Palliative care is broader than hospice care.  Hospice care is designed for those who likely have six months or less to live.  The hospice team provides comfort care where the person lives, rather than in the hospital.  Palliative care does not have these restrictions. 

Palliative care can be helpful any time during an illness, even if someone is receiving treatments such as chemotherapy or is in the hospital. Patients in the palliative care program at Twin Cities can continue to receive treatments for their illness while receiving palliative care.  Palliative and curative care can be provided at the same time.

Palliative Care Services at Twin Cities

At Twin Cities, palliative care is a consulting service for patients who are in the hospital.  Our team includes Physicians, Nurses, Social Workers, and Chaplains.  Our goal is to assist you and your loved ones to identify your treatment choices and goals for medical care. 

Our team will help turn your wishes into a hospital care plan. The palliative care physician and nurses can also suggest medications to help with symptoms, while you continue your medical therapy.    The palliative care team provides recommendations only.  The team works with, but does not replace your own physician.

How Palliative Care Consultations work

When we meet with you, we will want to get a thorough understanding of your current medical condition.  We will discuss with you the benefits and risks of possible treatment options and explore your hopes for the future and goals of medical care.

Our team will discuss future care needs and residential alternatives following hospital discharge and provide recommendations for relief of symptoms such as pain, shortness of breath, nausea, constipation, fatigue, or loss of appetite.  We can also offer assistance with Advanced Directives and support and help in making informed medical decisions.

Getting Started

If you would like a palliative care consultation for you or a family member, speak to your hospital physician.  A medical order from your physician is needed for a consultation.  The palliative care team is available for all in-hospital patient care units. 

Please call 805-434-4525 for a referral with the palliative team director.